Customized Test

Customized Test

Did you not find the exact type of test that you were looking for? Or would you like to combine the best of two tests without having your candidates run separate tests?

We now offer the creation of Customized Selection Tests for free to all our clients (the cost per candidate test still applies). Through the Test Administrator Panel you can create your very own customized test with ease.

After a candidate has completed a customized test, you will be able to print a test report detailing the performance of the candidate. The candidate will be given a raw score and percentile population rank in all question categories and sub-tests.

What sub-tests can be included in the customized test

Sub-tests that measure ability Sub-tests that measure clerical skills

Would you like to sample the test customization feature? Then please contact us.


Our pricing is simple and affordable. For more information please visit our pricing page.

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