Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?
The process is simple. You fill out the Sign Up form and process payment of the set-up fee. Immediately after completing payment you will receive an e-mail with login instructions to the cSelect Test Administrator. The cSelect Test Administrator is intuitive and easy to use. Through this software you can create candidate test login accounts, manage existing candidates, print candidate test reports, and more.

What is the pricing of the tests?
Please find this information on our pricing page.

Does my test administrator account expire?
No, your test administrator account does not expire.

Can I add a company logo to the tests?
Yes, you can add your company logo to the testing page and test reports at no extra charge.

Are your services available globally?
Yes, all our tests are taken online. As long as candidates have a stable internet connection and a Mac or PC computer they take the test anywhere in the world.

Can I have a free trial of the test administration software?
Yes, please contact us.

How will I receive the test results of the candidates?
Instantly after test completion a test report, detailing the performance of the candidate, will be available for download and print via the cSelect Test Administrator. You can choose to enable notifications, this way you will receive an e-mail notification when a candidate has completed a test.

Do you offer test customization?
We have two types of test customization. The first type is the test customization feature that is included with the cSelect Test Administrator, for a free trail of this feature please contact us. The second type is full test customization, for more information please contact us.

Do you offer paper tests?
No, our tests are not available in paper format.

Where can I get information about the reliability and validity of the tests?
You can see the information regarding the reliability and validity of each test in its respective webpage.

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